In a most unwelcome development, 'The Parlour Social' will be once again be brashly butchering the greatest music penned by man* and reforming this musical Frankenstein using the magic of Ragtime!** 
Yay Ragtime!
The evenings oeuvre going under the serrated knife of syncopation shall be that of Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Chopin, Bach, Shostakovich and Brahms and probably more***! It shall be like you've never heard before and indeed have never been brave enough to admit a hard hankering for. 
Come hear the work of better men be torn asunder by jazz tradicals and mushed into a groovy mess that will have Brahms cakewalking in his crypt****!

The Parlour Social is:

Zach Raffan - tpt
Josh Buckler - clr
Jamal Salem - dr
Robbie Mann - pno

*ie., 'Man' - shorthand for 'Humanity'. Look my bad, all the composers in question are men again. I'll try diversify the next program, but gawd dayum there weren't many famous composeritas back in the day. Surely a societal thing, I mean it hasn't always been 2017.
**this analogy absolutely does not work on several levels.
***I have not arranged much of the music as of writing this, maybe I'll pick a couple more. Or give up and ditch a few. We're all taking a gamble here. Live a little ok.
****Brahms was not buried in a crypt. I could have gone with 'groovin in his grave' but it doesn't feel as satisfying. 

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