Gig info

Shows at Smith’s follow a fairly regular pattern, but we’re flexible, so please contact us with your ideas.

Mondays are for poetry and other spoken word performance. Smith's Poetry Jam is a fortnightly open mic and writing workshop hosted by J C Inman. Bring along your poems, or someone else’s, and share them in a non-competitive open-mic. 7-9pm

That Poetry Thing That is on Every Other Monday an evening with… is an intimate event showcasing world class poets, also hosted by J C Inman. The night begins with a short open mic. 7-9pm

Bands are invited to rehearse on Monday evenings from 9.30pm.

Old Timey Tuesday is a fortnightly open jam where we party like it's 1899. Luminaries from the local old timey/folk/acoustic scene gather at Smith’s to lead an open session featuring music from bygone eras, mainly that wonderful century many recall fondly as the Twentieth. 7-10pm

Roughly once every four weeks on a Tuesday is Bang!! Beng!! Bing!! Bong!! Bung!!, an opportunity for less experienced musical performers to have a play on a good stage with a friendly audience. Five ‘Bungers’ play five songs each, followed by a set from a more experienced performer. Original songs are preferred but not required. 7-10pm

Other Tuesdays are available for any type of performance.

Every so often on a Wednesday Smith’s hosts Classical Capers, where classical musicians of all levels of ability are invited to come and play their instrument of choice, to sing, form small ensembles, do whatever they please. 7-9pm

Smith’s Varietal is held every Wednesday. There are no restrictions on genre, style, vulgarity, art form. We accept virtually anything and anyone. Dance, origami, balancing acts, acrobats, impressionists, expressionists, depressionists, magicians, comedians, bonsai demonstrations, burlesque... Anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humourous, but not illegal or degrading to the human spirit. 9.30pm

Thursday Night Jazz is just that. Jazz. On a Thursday night. Contemporary, traditional, experimental. Local, national, international. 7-9pm

Friday and Saturday nights are available for any type of performance. There are usually two shows, 7-9pm and 9.30-11.30pm. There are also opportunities for afternoon shows and shows after midnight.

Sunday afternoons we have a Jazz Jam, 1.30-4pm, with the Smith’s Alternative House Band leading the way and players and singers invited to join in.

Sunday nights are open to any genre. 7pm

Other regular events include Lunchulele, a beginner level uke/singing group (12.30-1.30pm Monday), Lunchtime Sing Fling, a vocal workshop for non-singers (12-1pm Tuesday), and Smith’s Scribblers life drawing classes (12.30-1.30pm Thursday and 11am-1pm Saturday).

Smith’s also hosts book launches, workshops, talks, presentations, panels.

Let us know what you’ve got to share.