Lulu and the Tantrums
Lulu and The Tantrums will assail you with the catchiest late-onset brat-pop
this side of Rockaway Beach. Now with added New York moxie –
'Killer' Kevin Lauro on bass! Adult-oriented punk (AOP) at its finest!

Epic Sideboob
Epic Sideboob is a power trio inspired by The Misfits, The Ramones
and Celtic Frost featuring Emma Kelly(Happy Axe) on bass/vox,
Matt Lustri(Housemouse) on guitar/vox and Simon Milman(Coolio Desgracias)
on drums/vox. Guaranteed to clear out your sinuses!

Sam King
Sam King(Burrows) has been quietly exploring the outer limits of the
electric guitar and electronics, sculpting clouds of melody and texture
from seemingly thin air.

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