Trigger warning: Suicidal ideation

Following the international success of his debut solo single 'If I Don't Lie Down' in December, Canberra-based Indie Folk Singer/Songwriter Ben Drysdale is poised to captivate audiences once again with his award-winning sophomore single, 'Listen Now,' set for release on June 21st, 2024. The release will be celebrated with a performance at Smith's Alternative the following day on June 22nd, featuring special guest Niall Howe, renowned for his exceptional skills on the keys.

Ben’s poignant ballad, ‘Listen Now,’ which secured 2nd place in the prestigious Hawaii Songwriting Festival’s competition in 2023, is a heartfelt tale about supporting a friend through alcoholism and dire mental health challenges.

Inspired by a midnight call from a friend with a belly full of whiskey and a head full of despair, who soon revealed that he had recently tried to take his own life, Ben’s heartfelt narrative reflects the power of listening and empathy in times of crisis.

‘Listen Now’ is an ode to anyone who is going through mental health challenges and a message of assurance that they are not alone. In particular, it is also a plea for men to defy societal stigmas and embrace vulnerability by seeking assistance when needed.

Drysdale has played shows in the US, Ireland and Canada and featured on bills with some of Australia’s greatest including Paul Kelly, The Waifs and Busby Marou as well as international stars such as Chris Isaak. 

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