Made Austria are Melbourne’s favourite acappella hair metal band! The band put out their debut album ‘Makin’ Love’ in 2001 featuring the single ‘Kickstart the Party’ followed by the EP ‘Touch the Merchandise’ featuring the single ‘The Hard Way’ in 2004. In 2005 the band released the dvd ‘Kickstart the Party’. In 2017 the band put out their next album ‘Lick The Cream’ featuring the single ‘Lick the Cream’. The band have been a staple on the Melbourne DIY scene since 2001, gigging constantly as well as touring to Adelaide and Sydney, taking zine stalls along with them and bringing the party to the people wherever they play. This show at Smith’s Alternative is the first time the band has played in Canberra.

petre out & the tyreslashers are returning to the stage after a three year hiatus. A Canberra band inspired by the DIY indie of Daniel Johnston, the Lucksmiths and more.

The Secret Migraines are an art rock band from Melbourne. The band have played shows in Melbourne at Mama Chens, The Retreat Hotel and Sticky Institute and have recorded a debut EP which will be released in early 2023. The band is made up of vocals, saxophone, guitar and percussion with vocals often provided by zine readings. All members of the band are prolific zine makers with their zines distributed through Sticky Institute and Small Zine Volcano. This show at Smith’s Alternative is the first time the band have played in Canberra.

Sticky Institute is Melbourne’s famous zine store and Small Zine Volcano is a free zine distro with a number of well-regarded zines on its roster.

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