This is a second introductory session, for those who couldn’t attend the first.

Smith’s wants to encourage women to get involved in the local music industry as techies, so we’re going to run a series of workshops, specifically for women, beginning with this introductory lesson, with our brilliant in-house audio engineer, Bevan Noble, running through the basics and gauging interest in an ongoing course that will hopefully spawn a generation of equally brilliant female audio techs.

Besides being a great little cafe/bar/venue/gallery/meeting place etc. one of Smith’s Alternative’s major priorities is to promote equality - in general, and specifically in the performing arts industries in Canberra. There is a preponderance of males in the local music scene, for example, from performers, to engineers, promoters, music store employees etc. Young women wanting to enter the industry at any level face an almost uninterrupted series of dealings with blokes. When faced with an entrenched gender bias, we at Smith’s feel the best strategy is to chip away wherever you can, to bit by little bit correct imbalance, to start a little ripple that may, with loving encouragement, become a wave.

There are two types of women who may be interested in this course:

*performers who’d like to understand the technical side of their performance better

*audiophiles and techie geeks who’d like a career/vocation in audio

In this initial 2 hour session, we will both cover the basics of audio technology and help people to decide if they are interested in developing their tech knowledge further.


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