Victorian Steve Lane and his band The Autocrats are heading north to celebrate the release of his latest album ‘The Great Imposter’ (which recently went #8 on the UK Vinyl charts/#5 on the Scottish album and #2 on UK indie chart breaker charts!)

‘It really is a very, very good record’ Stuart Coupe

And Steve is bringing fellow Victorian Americana stalwarts Paper Jane along for the ride.

So, you get your fill of quality Australian Americana, Country, Jangle Pop and Hook laden rock wrapped up in quality finely honed (and award winning) song smithing by two headline acts for the price of one!

Paper Jane’s soundscape is from an era when songs weren’t rolled in tinsel. The tunes are catchy and raw, delivered with intense harmonies and just the right amount of swagger. Are Paper Jane country, gospel, celtic or blues? Yes, they are all of that and more.

"Steve Lane’s songs aren’t ripped from the headlines, they’re torn out of your diaries... overhead from your friend’s stories” Bernard Zuel

Steve Lane And The Autocrats present their distinctive Australian blend of Americana, Jangle Pop, Roots and Hook-Laden rock, reminiscent of bands such as Wilco, Elvis Costello's Attractions and the Go-Betweens.


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