The Tuesday Weld Experience play ... well it’s hard to explain, but imagine a mix of country-esque tunes and more poppy songs, all topped off with a Jimmy Page-inspired lead guitar for that extra sizzle. Influences come from the likes of Weddings, Parties, Anything & the Sunnyboys. Come out and decide for yourself!

Vespertine Lounge are an all-female band from Canberra that channels the drama of surf, rockabilly, alt country, rhythm and blues. Come along and check out the fireworks.

Line up: Bridget Croft (vocals), Leanne Thompson (drums) Leonie Gall (bass, vocals), Laura Milkovits (guitar) Jenny Spear (guitar, vocals).

The Hovering Spooks is a power trio that play a fresh brand of indie rock that includes original songs and carefully selected covers. Their set includes psychedelic, pop and blues elements based on powerful rock grooves laid down with authority. 

The band consists of Bruce “Cub” Callaway on voice and guitar, Kevin Lauro on bass and Louis Callaway on drums. 

Bruce “Cub” Callaway is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer whose presence over the last 40 years is significant having been a member of The Saints, The New Christs, The Flaming Hands and The Revolutionnaires. He is a highly experienced writer, guitarist and singer, and has also produced albums for artists such as Ed Keupper, The Triffids, Louis Tillet and Damien Lovelock.

Kevin Lauro needs no introduction as he is member of numerous Canberra bands including Space Party and Lulu and The Trantrums; while drummer Louis Callaway is an accomplished drummer who brings power and presence to the band.  His last band was Release The Hounds based out of Sydney where he toured Queensland and New South Wales.  He is adept at many musicals styles and provides a top class beat to all of the bands songs.

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