2020! Everybody has a hard luck story. Fire, flood and pestilence! In the music industry we’ve had shows cancelled due to bushfires, months of nothing due to Covid 19 restrictions. “Too much of nothing.., can cause one man to sleep on nails.., cause others to eat fire.” Sometimes,”… it just makes a fella mean!” Some bright folks have worked the internet to their advantage, bringing ‘live streamed’ music directly to your tablet or phone. The Gadflys though, are a band who made their reputation playing in front of ‘live’ audiences. In the Darwinian scheme of things, ‘adapt or perish’, then if Covid was a meteor , and the Gadflys dinosaurs, it’s adios and goodbye to them but …

In the face of logic and rational economic calculations, the legendary pub band who have had crowds dancing their arses off since the1980s, are filling a suitcase with last years CD release, LOVE & DESPAIR, loading the double bass and drums into the car, lubricating the vocal chords and hitting the Hume once again to bring their jungle rhythms and liquorice stick shrieks to a music starved audience.

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The Gadflys


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