Swinging jazz, blues, folk and ragtime of the early 1900s string and jug bands, The Dirty Ragtimers play it all and with sweet harmonies, fiddle and fingerpicking guitar.
After recently relocating to Paris, Australian jazz and blues musician Heather Stewart jammed with musician Lucas Montagnier. They played all night to a wrapped audience and have worked together ever since. After the first song at their first busking session, the duo were approached for a residency at Montmartre's Chez Camille and they're busy building concerts and fans all over Paris. Heather and Lucas share a passion for early jazz, blues, folk and ragtime repertoire. They sound like string and jug bands with strong vocals, harmonies, fiddle and fingerpicking guitar but with a new and unique style from two experienced professional musicians. From the venues and streets of Paris, The Dirty Ragtimers are collecting fans from all over and are a band to watch!

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