Den Hanrahan’s music is a compendium of ballads, laments and reckless dirges from his songbook of the open road. He makes no secret of his love for Rootsy music, freely employing banjos, steel guitars and the hard-driven word in a recreation of the old-fashioned world that still lives in his heart. Steeped in present-day Australia, the phantom images of the past intrude all over his tales of remorse and redemption, cocaine and corruption, the plaintive song of a bruised and homesick traveller.

His 6 releases have charted his relentless orbit round the country, touring through the landscapes that become his songs – the people, their stories, his own past.

Along with his band, the DEN HANRAHAN COLLECTIVE, He plays like he drives, fast and ferocious, burning out motors and his good wife’s patience as he treks the country, rocking roadhouses, festivals and pubs. Bold and bodacious, his shows can be as alarmingly intimate as they are good old-fashioned fun.

Also appearing, The King Hits. They’ll knock you out. Find your feet and lose your mind!

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