A rowdy night of rockabilly with The Crossbones and The Rouseabouts.

Combining scorching guitar, pounding upright bass, and pedal to the metal drums, The Crossbones are a power trio in the true sense of the term. Bringing a contemporary approach to the classic sounds of rockabilly, surf rock, spaghetti western, blues and swing, The Crossbones deliver honest, high-energy music guaranteed to get you swingin’, shakin’ and rockin’ like you know you should.

A relatively new band to the rockabilly scene in the traditional 3 piece rockabilly band format of guitar, upright bass and drums. The Rouseabouts keep things pretty traditional but have some interesting covers including their take on a classic Motorhead tune. With a singing double bass player, some finger-pickin’ good guitar and swinging drums, there’s plenty to enjoy.

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