Bungers: Jackie Crimson, Cher Albrecht, Larissa, Trevor Love, Danny V, Bruce Head, moss girl, Ray Buckley, Jim Cruttwell, Xandrella.

Bang!! Beng!! Bing!! Bong!! Bung!! is an opportunity for singer-songwriters who are new to performing, new to town or trying out new material to have a play on a good stage in front of a friendly audience. 

‘Bungers’ (as we affectionately call them) play five songs each, occasionally followed by a set from a featured performer. Original songs are preferred though not obligatory – one cover song is cool, ideally either; a song by a local artist, a singalong song, a terrible song or your favourite song.

If you’d like to play at future BBBBB’s, please email smithsalternative@gmail.com.

There is also an open mic for bands, Band Beng Bing Bong Bung. Email for details.


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