Smith's Altenative Gallery is excited to present to you "Take Flight" by Imogen Wall.

"The unique spark of joy and life inside us can lift us to great heights, but we sometimes need a reminder to find our inner flame, look up, and fly. These paintings were inspired by Mary Poppins Returns. Mary Poppins descends from the sky, balancing everyone with both imaginative adventure and calm order, reminding them to look at things in a new way, find their true purpose and be optimistic – “There’s nowhere to go but up!”"

Imogen lives and works in the quiet city of Canberra, inspired by birds and beauty, and old time musicals and intrigued by stories of myth, meaning and metaphysics on YouTube. She creates in many mediums including collage, painting, drawing, songwriting and photography, and likes to bring a little magic into reality. In 2018 she initiated and exhibited in ‘Journeys’, a collaborative exhibition for Reconciliation Week at Belconnen Community Gallery. She has designed many sets for local theatre and is currently completing a Masters in multi-disciplinary studies at ANU.

Exhibition runs 16th July – 9th August.

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