Night. A time of enchantment, secrets and terror. A world lit by itself.

Join the Lightbulb players this July as we explore all that lies between twilight and dawn, for there are truths we can only see when it is dark.

Lightbulb Improv is Canberra’s freshest comedy ensemble, performing at Smiths Alternative every month.

Based on a theme suggested by the audience, the Lightbulb Players create an unscripted comedy variety show. In a lively and daring journey, the players craft stories, games, songs and fearless theatre that frees the mind, delights the intellect and basically distills the meaning of life.

Cast includes: Amy Crawford, Angela Ford, Byron Fay, David Woodgate, Helen Way, Jeremy Strasser, Laura Griffin, Lou Maconachie, Luke Atchison, Michael Carter and Rosie Stevens.

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