Featuring real live scientists:
Dr Ed Simpson, Nuclear Physicist ANU; 
Dr* Meena Sritharan, Plant Ecologist ANU; and 
Dr* Kyle Hemming, Forest Ecologist, Uni Canberra.


Want to debate the news-worthiness of black holes? Or apply Schrodinger’s theory to ringing doorbells? Perhaps you would like to see how a plant biologist might serve you in a florist, or philosophise about the nomenclature used on your cafe menu?

Stir-fried Science, directed by Margie McCrae, sees our three performers playing a variety of characters in comic sketches, songs and interactions with different guest scientists each night.

Our guests come from a myriad of sciences including climate science, physics, genetics, plant science, and immunisation. 

The show is designed for an adult audience but is family friendly.

If you loved "The Poet’s Guide to Science" (Sydney Fringe, 2019), are sorry you missed "Rumpelstiltskin and the Case of the Missing Research Grants" (Smiths Alternative), or are intrigued by what you’ve seen of our work online, come along and see Stir-fried Science - a science variety show with live sketches, stand-up and songs, as well as appearances from local working scientists.

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