Introducing the comedic force of nature hailing all the way from the nation’s capital, it's Spaceman Africa, the rock artist with a twist! Writer, musician and modern day nomad, Spaceman Africa has turned his hilarious life experiences into unique compositions, such as the story that led Spaceman to changing his name legally after a drunken bender in Ireland.

With a guitar in one hand and a punchline in the other, Spaceman Africa takes the stage with his band, known as Spaceman Africa the Musical, blending the infectious energy of rock music with laugh out loud comedy, prompting Spaceman to call his music Rock & Lol. His songs serve as a sonic time machine, transporting you to the most ridiculous moments of his life, from his encounters with a horny German truck driver to his misadventure in the world of fire breathing.

Known for his witty wordplay and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Spaceman Africa weaves together catchy melodies and uproarious anecdotes that resonate with audiences of all ages. You'll find yourself singing along to the songs in your head, long after hearing them.

Whether he's serenading you with a heartfelt ballad about the time he offended the entire Hamburg cricket team or rocking out with a song dedicated to the perils of spray painting a wall in the dark, Spaceman Africa is guaranteed to keep you entertained and leave you questioning whether you're at a rock concert or a comedy show. Who said you can't headbang while laughing hysterically?

So, join the Rock & Lol revolution and hop aboard the intergalactic rocketship of hilarity with Spaceman Africa the Musical. He's here to make you snort with laughter, tap your feet, and remind you that life's funniest moments are often the ones we least expect. Buckle up, for a wild and laughter-filled musical journey that you won't soon forget. Let the laughter rock your world!

Gœse are a local Canberra band currently making waves around the nation’s capital. They are the creators of Funk, Rap, Rock and Music. Gœse was formed in October of 2020 and the band has been writing original comedic songs ever since. Misleading song titles, outlandish story concepts and an incredibly unique sound all mashed together makes for an exciting show that you won’t soon forget. An incredible array of Genre and Creativity, Gœse are sure to knock your socks off.


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