Soundscapes is a monthly music night showcasing acts somewhere in the alternative / experimental / sound art / other / uncategorised zones. Our featured acts for July:

AEON (Canada)
Aeon combines the sounds of instrumentalist and computer musician Miles Thorogood with the sophisticated visuals of artist and performer Aleksandra Dulic. Integrating an assortment of sound making objects, with a multi-channel computer music system and real-time animation software, Aeon crafts drones, percussion, and voice as spiritual experience. Built with lush textures, colours and cyclic patterns, Aeon’s cosmos of living media is dynamic and immersive.

A focused, yet wildly experimental avant-bogan jazz trio who pull constellations of musical genres drastically closer together. Emerging victorious after their EP XXXX Bitter Irony and their debut Stress to Impress, the trio continue to reinforce a love of their influences such as Meshuggah, Aphex Twin and Bela Bartok. They’re launching their second LP How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time), released through Art as Catharsis.

For many years Reuben Ingall has collected copies of the film Independence Day on VHS, now numbering 100+. On this Fourth of July, he’ll be joined by Hannah de Feyter, Emma Kelly and Marlene Claudine Radice to play a live soundtrack to the film’s action-packed final act.

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