Soundscapes is a monthly music night showcasing acts somewhere in the alternative / experimental / sound art / other / uncategorised zones. Our featured acts for February:

Jordan Rodger is a musician and artist operating under the pseudonym Melt. The Melt quartet, featuring Jordan Rodger (guitar), Advait Thakur (clarinet), Angus McGrath (drums) and John Binos (piano), will perform a piece based on a field recording which has been loosely scored to create the melodies the group will use as the basis for improvisation.

Millie Watson is a classically trained pianist turned electro-acoustic composer. Her soundscapes weave together memory, the surreal and the piano through the manipulation of field recordings and free improvisation.

Deep Blue has come a long way since defeating international Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in 1996. Since then, it has retired from international competition and instead focused its attention on Dark Techno and Acid House. Firmly rooted in its hardware, this algorithm is happy to be in Canberra not as an IBM pawn, but a dark electronic knight.

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