Soundscapes is a monthly music night showcasing local acts somewhere in the alternative / experimental / sound art / other / uncategorised zones. Our featured acts for August:

is a sound artist and composer investigating concepts of deep listening, memory, and time travel. Justin explores temporal, durational, and minimalist techniques, drone and ambient music, immersive environments, and generative composition. His current project presents these ideas as solo performance works for modular synthesiser, and processed field recordings.

ZOLTAN FECSO (Melbourne)
is a musician whose compositions are created by combining small fragments of single notes repeating at varying speeds, inspired by 'pointillism', a painting technique using small distinctly coloured dots to form an image. Using a custom built acoustic guitar with MIDI capabilities, his sounds are represented visually as they are combined and shifted throughout the performance.

is dedicated to free improvisation that can float between all acoustic to electroacoustic versions of the trio. It is formed around saxophonists Rhys Butler and Richard Johnson asking others to join to make up the trio. For this edition we have clarinettist-improviser/composer Marlene Radice.

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