Haven’t you heard? Word on the street is that Smith’s Varietal #196 is set to be ~objectively~ the best 196th Varietal ever. 


Join us on Wednesday the 31st of May from 7-9pm for a night of insanity, sexiness and silliness!

Your MC for this fine-ass evening will be Isobel Williams, who can often be found taking her socks off for audiences at local bus stops or starting arguments between city pigeons and diffusing them using Non-Violent Communication and seeds.

We’ve got a scintillating lineup of professional miscreants to boot so bring your truck, bring your trailer and all your neighbours (but not that one who keeps baking sad poetry into sourdough and leaving it at your door because they're already performing).

Tix $10/15 #whoopeecushion #medicalgradesilicon #dualdensity #9inch #MicrosoftWord

Smith’s Varietal is open to all comers. There’s no restrictions on genre, style, vulgarity, art form. We will accept virtually anything and anyone. Dance, origami, balancing acts, acrobats, sexual fantasists, impressionists, expressionists, depressionists, nappy boy wrestling, muscle man flexing, magicians, comedians, bonsai demonstrations, cheer girl/boys, burlesque.... Anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humorous etc. etc. but not illegal and not degrading to the human spirit.


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