Hosted by Sebastian Field Smiths Varietal #124 will yield:

Matthew Lustri
Marlene Radice
Joel Macbeth

Devdsp is a Device for Digital Signal Processing, using a eurorack modular synthesiser he makes live, improvised, dark and gritty dance music.

Matthew Lustri is a local guitarist and musician who performs with a variety of local bands including Los Chavos, Nick Delatovic and as one half of the hiphop duo Coolio Desgracias & House Mouse. He will be performing a special set of solo guitar inspired by his love of Indian classical music.

Marlene Radice is a Canberra based composer who specialises in notated electroacoustic composition by exploring how art and sound compliment one another. Taking recorded sounds away from their original sources, she processes and twists these into new musical structures. Raw industrial noises, looped voices and hypnotic soundscapes are layered to create a nuanced and original sound.

Joel Macbeth will concoct a flute and amplified mbira melange that will taste as exotic as it sounds.


Sebastian Field is Canberra’s greatest Sebastian Field, making the rounds to remind people he’s still alive before entering the launch cycle for his newly recorded ArtsAct funded debut solo album, due out later in time (how vague).

Another Wednesday night, another night of exploring the unexpected further reaches of Canberra’s performing arts community. Smith’s Varietal is open to all comers. There’s no restrictions on genre, style, vulgarity, art form. We will accept virtually anything and anyone. Dance, origami, balancing acts, acrobats, sexual fantasists, impressionists, expressionists, depressionists, nappy boy wrestling, muscle man flexing, magicians, comedians, bonsai demonstrations, cheer girl/boys, burlesque.... Anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humorous etc. etc. but not illegal and not degrading to the human spirit.

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