Our MC’s this week are Canberra's hottest new indie post-punk folk-apocalyptic jangly bliss pop band Lady Denman.


Chris Endrey
Musician, comedian, genial and witty MC, Aussie Rules tragic, dog lover, pokies h8r, tall person.. tonight Chris will be playing solo synth stuff

Rosie Heselev
Once claiming that pop music is underrated, classically-trained violinist Rosie Heselev is a lover of border collies, social change and bar mitzvah music who will bring tears from your vulnerable souls through her historically significant and beautiful violin.

Evan Buckley
Singer-songwriter, Christian cult survivor, disability worker, whacky dancer, the guy who spewed all over Emma Kelly, what can't this guy do? Tonight he'll be dancing, presumably in a whacky fashion.

ANU Women’s Revue REVIVAL
2017 saw the first ever Women’s Revue of the ANU, and its high energy, absurdity, relentless relatability, and sheer cleverness attracted the masses with four sold out shows. Not just here for comedic relief, these kooky spooky women will surprise you, or not surprise you, with their political outrage, peculiar daydreams and inspiring wit.

Science and Poetry with Geoff
Geoff likes poetry. Geoff also like science. For the first time ever in the history of time and space, Geoff’s going to hit the stage with his never-ending knowledge, infectious passion and beautiful, mind-easing words.

Lady Denman
Lady Denman was a British woman active in women's rights issues including the promotion of Women's suffrage in the United Kingdom. She was also the wife of Lord Denman, the 3rd Baron Denman, fifth Governor-General of Australia, and she officially named Australia's capital city Canberra in 1913. Lady Denman is also a new Canberra-based indie post-punk folk-apocalyptic jangly bliss pop band who will blow you away with their smooth violet crumble velvety goodness.

Another Wednesday night, another night of exploring the unexpected further reaches of Canberra’s performing arts community. Smith’s Varietal is open to all comers. There’s no restrictions on genre, style, vulgarity, art form. We will accept virtually anything and anyone. Dance, origami, balancing acts, acrobats, sexual fantasists, impressionists, expressionists, depressionists, nappy boy wrestling, muscle man flexing, magicians, comedians, bonsai demonstrations, cheer girl/boys, burlesque.... Anything interesting, unusual, entertaining, humorous etc. etc. but not illegal and not degrading to the human spirit.

People interested in being part of this or future shows should contact Nigel McRae on 0401 084 773 or smithsalternative@gmail.com.

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