Smith & Jones are a Bathurst based duo, made up of keyboard player/vocalist Abby Smith, and guitarist/vocalist Sophie Jones. Their work is centred around the intersection of womanhood and identity within regional areas, with a dedication to artistic leadership, community engagement and creative integrity. Over the past 8 years throughout out the central west, predominantly on Wiradjuri Country, they have worked as educators, community choir leaders, mentors to young artists, and conducted workshops within the disability sector, and have composed for both theatre and as part of a visual art installation. Smith & Jones have helped facilitate the Local Emerging Artists Program as part of The Inland Sea of Sound Festival, which works with local artists and venues to give performance opportunities to young artists, and also helps local businesses integrate live music into their establishments. 

Smith & Jones have toured and performed extensively over their 8-year partnership off the back of their first two self-funded albums (Dark Gives Way, 2017; and Something Worth Learning, 2019). 2022 will see Abby and Sophie begin work on the second half of their newest project, tentatively titled ‘My Heart Is Always Taking Me.’ This new work marks a fresh chapter for Smith & Jones, and is the musical representation of two souls who decided to yearn, and wait, and make magic, together. They currently have 2 singles out from this new batch of work: 'Waiting on my Turn' and 'Highrise'. For this gig at Smith's Sophie and Abby will be joined by Lian Wong on bass and Kris Schubert on hammond organ.



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