At Smith’s we love songs, and the songwriters that sing them. We host plenty of bands and we love them too, but every so often we’d like to strip the accompaniment away and hear the songs as they were written – one voice, one instrument, unadorned and vulnerable like a babe in the woods. For this eighth edition of Six of the Best, we have once again asked four very different song-writers to share six of their best songs with us. In order of appearance, we have…

Oakelani Edmonds

Oakelani is a singer-songwriter from the gorgeous Murrumbateman and Canberra region. Oake loves a good story and her songs will draw you in from start to finish like any good folk song should! 

Leo Amadeus

Leo is an actor, writer and musician who writes comedy songs. He finds joy in making words rhyme that have no business being rhymed. He takes pride in using words to create characters, tell stories and tell jokes. He currently has no plans for world domination.

Sam Gibson

At 22 years old, Sam has the raw emotion of someone who lives his life to the fullest - and then writes a great song about it. An Indie singer/songwriter - born and bred in Canberra, making his start with live performances.

When he’s not writing songs or playing guitar he’s finishing his apprenticeship as a glazier. Practicing his singing on the job sites - entertaining other tradies and customers. Currently working on his first EP “After Dark” to release by the end of the year.

James Cahill

Based in Canberra and originally from Young, James Cahill crafts his music with a blend of introspection, humor, and narratives that resonate with the Australian dream. Playing piano, guitar, and jaw harp, his compositions invite listeners into a world of varied musical explorations. Influenced by a broad array of artists, his approach remains enigmatic, encouraging audiences to discover their own interpretations within each melody.

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