Come diving Into the Deep with Rufino and the Coconuts as they sail into Smith’s Alternative FRIDAY 29 JUNE to launch their debut single THE CRAY. Rufino, Catalan crooner and violinist, renowned for his work with Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, presents his latest show of tropical-noir with a full 8-piece band to stir your very bones. The Coconuts tell tales of jungle journeys, aquatic misadventures, Caribbean dentists, and near-death-love-encounters all delivered with a soul rattling backbeat.

Since 2013, Rufino and the Coconuts have toured and performed special concert shows including the 2015 Sydney Festival, the 2013 Lorne Festival of the Arts and most recently as part of 2018 Vivid Sydney, as well as their regular packed shows up and down the eastern seaboard in rock venues, spiegeltents, town halls, bowling clubs and fishing shacks.

This show will be the Canberra launch of Rufino and the Coconuts debut single THE CRAY. Moody, sprawling and ridiculously wry, The Cray is a unique twist on classic surf music, post-punk and B-Grade thriller soundtracks. Limited Edition CD singles will be available at the show.

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