Pleased To Jive You

Being a band for over a decade, these Canberra boys bring an eclectic blend of progressive jazzy funk rock that is sure to both impress and undress. They've shared a stage with Gotye, Peking Duk, Hands Like Houses & Aunty Donna, when they're not making music, they can be found either moonlighting as sketch comedy troupe Quippurb or dumpster-diving for day old bread.

Lady Denman

Lady Denman are violet crumble queens with a common love of Canberra and street signs. With lyrics so honest, violin so pretty, ukulele so bearable and rhythm so casually danceable, this group of velvet-lovers and velvet-wearers will make you question why you've ever worn other textile-types.


Local word slinger and lovely person. His work often focuses on mental health, familial identity, and the difficulties of living biracial.”

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