It's the first time down under for both Apes Of The State, and Pigeon Pit, who will be hitting the road together over Nov/Dec. 

Apes of the State is an independent Lancaster, PA based folk/pop/punk band.

Their sound is very lyrical, influenced by storyteller singer/songwriters. Apes of the State takes the simplicity and straightforward, emotional songwriting style and combines it with the drive and power of a full acoustic punk band. Their sound is under constant evolution but is deeply rooted in punk rock, folk, and bluegrass.

They have performed across the US anywhere and everywhere, from basements, backyards, and living rooms to the Warped Tour and TEDx stages. The members are also heavily involved in activism for people recovering from substance use disorder and promoting harm reduction at their shows. In 2016, April and Dan founded an organization called Second Chance to Play which aims to help individuals in rehabs and in recovery communities participate in the music scene of their hometown Lancaster.

Pigeon Pit

"Pigeon Pit's folk-punk twang is as raw as it is rambling, but never reckless in its tender heart.” - NPR

"Lomes Oleander wraps defiant and devastating lyrics in comforting melodies” - Brooklyn Vegan

On Feather River Canyon Blues, Pigeon Pit’s Lomes Oleander crafts a world of country duets and inhalants, ghosted plans, lysergic fantasies of chosen families, and eyes lit up in porchlight.

Oleander’s folk-punk poetry glitters under gas station lights, weaving together themes of grief, codependency, political struggle, gender, self-love, and adventure. She tells stories that abandon traditional modes of time and linear narrative to reject a reality that is ever-increasingly defined by work, isolation, and detachment. Through the people she loves, she imagines a better place:

Pigeon Pit will bring the full 6 piece band on tour in Australia in November/December 2023.

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