Phil Edgeley is an English born singer/songwriter who now resides in Australia. His music draws upon influence from Delta Blues masters such as Robert Johnson, Fred McDowell and Skip James, and of course, from his English background taking in the styles of Richard Thompson, John Renbourn, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. His lyrics deal with the multi-facets of life, often pulling no punches and delivered in a direct fashion but still somehow emotive and thought provoking rather than hard. Phil spent several years touring as a solo artist and has released 3 albums to date. 

Now add Trudy Edgeley, an Australian Singer Songwriter, hailing from a rich musical background founded in both her family's strong Gospel lifestyle and her rich heritage, which is a melting pot of cultures including Solomon Islands, Jamaican, Irish and Indigenous. She was drawn into performing at an early age following her Father's footsteps into the Church choir, and then quickly forging a reputation for performing solo with her guitar at many religious gatherings over the following years. Trudy creates a blend of vocals and a sound that reflects not only her influences and passion for her music, but also her desire to tell the stories of her rich ancestery. This results in well crafted songs that have the added interest of fascinating stories which have been seldom told.

Despite perfoming many shows together in earlier years Trudy's commitments shifted to successfully managing Phil's solo persuits. This continued until a chance “jam session” one day in Queensland when it became very apparent that Trudy could no longer ignore the desire from deep down in her blood to start performing once again. In October 2012 The Duo act “Phil & Trudy Edgeley” was born. Phil's British Folk/Blues songwriting & musical style has now been infused with Trudy Edgeley's tropical tempos, melodies and haunting vocals to create a new sound. Their debut duo album, “Oneplusoneequalsthree” (2014), is so titled after repeated comments from audiences that it is difficult to believe that so much sound can come from two people and it is already receiving comments along the lines of, “great variation of tracks” “packed with energy” and “impressive songwriting”.

Experienced song writing duo Brendon Houlahan and Matt Tennant of The Barren Spinsters deliver distinctive arrangements in an uncompromising live show without resorting to using loops or samples. In their own words, “if Wolfmother wrote guitar riffs for a Gomez track, then asked Eric Burden to perform it you’d end up with something that sounds like The Barren Spinsters”. 

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