Northbourne Flats return to Smith’s with the release of a second single, ‘Chasing the Dragon’, from their (eventually) upcoming debut album. With support from some friends, Second Sun, you can be guaranteed a groovy night of slightly progressive, loud folk music with distortion.

Northbourne Flats are a five-piece group from Canberra who draw on rock, folk, blues and metal to create a unique blend of full strength groove. They continue on a desperate pilgrimage to promote the style.

Second Sun is an alternative rock project from Canberra, Australia. Born out of the unique songwriting style of lead singer and guitarist, Aleshia Johnson, Second Sun brings together musical intricacy and existential poetry, traversing the struggles of the mind and seeking its place within the universe, fighting the constant battle against our robotic nature and the mundane side of existence in the quest for meaning and truth. Dark and uplifting, sometimes visceral, sometimes sublime, the experiences of our friends and enemies woven into a universal narrative of hope and faith in the human being. 

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