Mellow dub grooves, heavy desert riffs, and short bursts of angular punk. This is the sound of new Sydney trio No Mandate. To celebrate the release of their debut double EP 'No Mandate / Scheme of Things' on tenzenmenthe band now takes their material on a ten-date tour along Australia’s East coast. Don’t miss these three seasoned post/math/chamber/punk musicians from forward-thinking bands such as Hinterlandt, SEIMS, Meniscus, Godswounds, Captain Kickarse, n00000000 and Snob Club as they effortlessly steer their rowboat across genres and boundaries like it’s a walk in a seaside summer park. 

Three times the originality, cubed. Triply are a band of brothers from Southern NSW, devoted to creating and performing unique sounds. Triply combine blues, funk, hard rock, punk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, dub, pop, folk and country in every show. Their tendency to switch both instruments and members without warning already has punters triple impressed.

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