The National Anti-Folk Festival (NAFF) is a thing for everybody who, for whatever reason, doesn't want to (or like us can't) go to the National Folk Festival (or at least not every day), as well as being for bands/performers etc. who, for whatever reason, didn't get accepted to, or didn't want to, play at the National Folk Festival.

'Folk' bands and fans are not excluded, are in fact very welcome. The NAFF also refers to the Anti-Folk Movement but has no actual connection to it.

3pm – Madam Nightingale : ethereal synthpop influenced sounds.
4pm – The Robbie Mann Trio : jazz delights await your ears,
5pm – Transista Groove : rocking, bluesy, kick-arse 3 piece.
6pm – James Cahill :  acoustic tunes and tales.
7pm – The Vest Brothers :  brothers in vests or brothers called Vest?
8pm – Lisa Richards : a troubadour to take your breath away.
9pm – Wesley and the Crushers : rocking, funky, shake-your-thing tunes.
10pm – STAV : exquisite songs and stories.


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