The Mogadishu Family Band is an original Mini Blues Orchestra outfit based in Sydney. Featuring powerhouse vocalists Michael Duchesne & Glenn Lumanta and a monster-sized band that includes two drummers (Liam Hogan & Finn Ryan), two guitarists (Seb Bartels & Cameron Henderson), two keyboard players (Joel Jenkins & Shannon Stitt), sax player (James Mackay), lead by bass player (Eric Fortaleza). Mogadishu Family Band is a story about each of these individual artists having the opportunity to come together and share their love for music. 

The Mogadishu Family band were also finalists of the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition (2014) and reached the Top 50 of over thousands of entrants with their original song “Heartbrokenly In Love”. The band consists of members who are pursuing their own original projects & careers, but when the group comes together it becomes a melting pot of energy, love & fun. All these different energies and stories come together to create the The Mogadishu Family Band experience.

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