The Filthy Darlings have brought to life music that has deep roots in an old style of song writing. It combines pop sensibilities with folky raconteur, soul and country vibes. Writer Nicholas Lee-Murphy takes us on a journey through the depths of love and heartbreak, all the way to gutsy determination, anticipation and resolution.

They capture a unique sound, which doesn't fit neatly into a particular genre, but captures audiences because of its velvet sounds, changing tempos, vocal range and intriguing lyric. Inspiring arrangements showcase the musicianship and adaptability.

Great at music, crap at social media and other forms of self promotion, Massive Sherlock are one of Canberra's best kept secrets (slash least popular bands). Please enjoy their creation story in a poem:

Some time ago on one Sunny, Tree-Lined Avenue,
A wandering prankster/smith, 
Habitually shoesless,
Chased his kelpie
Over his front fence
And through four lanes of fairly dense traffic.

Surving, despite the odds,
Directly across the road they both found friends,
Founding an inter-sharehouse alliance,
Sharing alcohol, curries, puppies and cars, 
Console controllers, white goods and appliances.
Like one big backyard with an avenue through the middle.

That was where Massive Sherlock started.

Trying not to draw the attention of the excitable and free-roaming kelpie,
They would ferry their instruments and amplifiers
From the porch 
To the kerb 
To pause in the safe-ish spot in the middle of the road 
And so on 
To the opposite porch
Usually all the while juggling at least one beer.

They played at parties
They played on Sundays
They played whenever people were around and not up to much else.

These days we're dotted all over the outer suburbs,
Those mighty sharehouses eventually went the way of rent increases and deadly black mold.
The front porch conifers are now well overgrown,
Untended by the current tenants
And we tutt to ourselves with mild disapproval whenever we drive past on our way to the shops.

The kelpie headed off to help chop firewood by the lake
Her tennis ball collection is now closely curated

But Massive Sherlock plays on,
In living-rooms and studios across town.

Long time garage band.

Never played one single garage.

Need to sell tickets, or take event registrations?

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