Silver & Black is Leadfinger’s long-awaited sixth studio album and first since 2016’s “Friday Night Heroes”.

Local support for the launch comes from those sons of Link Wray, The King Hits

Leadfinger is a Wollongong-bred band with a rich history stretching back into the mid-‘80s. Singer-guitarist Stewart “Leadfinger” Cunningham was a member of Proton Energy Pills, the band that spawned Tumbleweed. 

He went on to play in Asteroid B612, The Yes-Men and his own Brother Brick before forming Leadfinger. The story of “Silver & Black” began not long after the career high of Leadfinger’s first tour of Europe in October 2017 when the band's singer/songwriter, Stewart fell ill and was shockingly diagnosed with lung cancer. 

Following almost two years of treatment that included losing one of his lungs and a long, painful recovery the band began to try and regroup, not even knowing whether Cunningham would be able to play and sing again.

Somewhat miraculously things slowly fell in to place in the isolation (and therapy) of the rehearsal room and then in and around Covid and lockdowns the band managed to write and record the new album at Garth Porter's Rancom Street Studio in Sydney with Brent Clark producing. 

Finally, with the album in the can and after an almost four-year absence from the stage Leadfinger returned to play live again in June 2021 with new songs and a renewed self-belief in their music and each other.

Please do not attend if you are unwell or have been in close contact with a known active case of COVID in the previous 14 days, masks to be worn indoors per ACT govt. restrictions.

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