This Sydney 5-piece draws on the depths of folk, country and hand-crafted rock, these personal ballads focus on the fleeting moments between people, fragments of memory, arcs of hope. 
Delightfully unhurried compositions and sparse arrangements are delivered with passion and gravity; each musician demonstrating poise and restraint until climax. 

With their sophomore release "Be The One", Lazy Colts continue to set themselves apart – both from their peers and the places they’ve been before. In knee-jerk contrast to the elongated recording process of their debut album Trojan (2016) the principal tracking of the five songs that appear on their latest EP were recorded live over the span of 4 hours on a Sunday. The finished project is an energetic, warts-and-all, collection of songs capturing the collision point of the band’s musical idiosyncrasies with urgency and clarity.  

“We wanted to create something that had a bit of the mongrel of our live show in it”, lead vocalist and guitarist Lacey Cole reflects. “Half by design and half by necessity we approached the recording process just as we would a gig. Set up our gear, and bash through our songs one after the other.”

With support from Bobby James.

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