Referred to as "the enfant terrible of Australia's underground rock music scene", Kirin J Callinan needs no introduction, yet we're giving you one anyway.

This June marks the 10 year anniversary of the album the New York Times described as "the most unpleasant listening experience in recent memory, including Yeezus". To this day, it remains as one of the most vital, visceral & original debut's in Australian music history. We are, of course, referring to Kirin J Callinan's EMBRACISM.

Produced by The Presets Kim Moyes and released via the UK's revered XL Recordings, EMBRACISM announced the arrival of a contradiction; spawning cult classics such as "Landslide", "Love Delay", "WIIW", "Victoria M", "Halo" & its entirely singular title track, giving way to absurdly theatrical, confrontational and at times controversial live shows, and garnering one of the most niche and devoted followings worldwide, launching its underground auteur internationally.

This June also marks the release of Kirin J Callinan's fourth studio solo album; humbly, cheekily, AND arrogantly titled If I Could Sing.

Evidently, he can.

Materialising from the vast Kirin J Catacombs of unreleased material, If I Could Sing promises to be Kirin's most ambitious & assured opus since Bravado, or indeed Embracism. Already, it's yielded the perfect meth-pop-madness of "Young Drunk Driver" the singular & open-hearted, thru-composed balladry of " Absolutes", and most recently the pumped-up fist-pumping anthem "Anæmic Adonis".

Kirin will be performing previously never before played live songs from If I Could Sing, plus a swath of Embracism's finest, as well a select cuts from Bravado, Return To Center and more.

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