What happens when homegrown Australian terrorism meets the classic beats of early House and Techno?

Newly released by Australia's pre-eminent electronic music collective Clan Analogue is a unique (and bizarre) collaboration between musician/producer Reuben Ingall and playwright David Finnigan.

Kill Climate Deniers is a 35-minute barrage of dancefloor bangers in the style of classic House and Techno from 1988-92 - mixed with samples from Finnigan's original stage-play of the same name. 

It tells the story of a group of eco-terrorists who take over Parliament House during a Fleetwood Mac concert and demand an instant end to all climate change.

The result is an anthemic club album threaded through with blistering political satire and a guns-blazing action adventure set at the heart of Australian democracy.

Kill Climate Deniers began life as a playscript, and has now expanded as a project including an album, a short film and a live show. 

The album launch kicks off at Smiths Alternative on 21 September. Kill Climate Deniers masterminds Reuben Ingall and David Finnigan will present a night that blends theatre, storytelling, electronic music performance and a dancefloor-ready mix of classic tunes.


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