Kid of Harith celebrates a very Rotten Spring with Dark-folk songs about fear, family, and fragility. 
Rotten Spring is an ugly grim cycle of blossom and decay, one of infinite death and rebirth.

These recordings were made in the Winter of 2022, with Grim Tilla at the helm, after a long hiatus.
The beautiful artwork was generously and graciously provided by Sharon Field.
The wonderful Evan M. Buckley loaned his vocals at short strange notice.

With support from Reuben Ingall and Josie Dunham 

Reuben Ingall is a Canberran music-maker and audio-wrangler. NIMBY is a twist on the No-Input Mixing Board, an instrument created by plugging an audio mixer's outputs to its inputs. The internal feedback creates a variety of tones and noises, with the dynamic audio-electrical interactions leading to an unpredictable exploratory practice. The addition of a loop pedal, distortion and kick drum brings hypnotic, dirty, rave-tinged vibes.


Josie Dunham is an Australian singer songwriter based in Canberra, living on Ngunnawal land. Exuding vulnerability, Josie's songs share her personal stories and reflections on love, grief, joy and change. Her raw song writing style is deeply inspired by relationships and nature, exploring her connection to people and places. She has powerful vocals and performs with complete abandonment of her inhibitions.

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