“Trash Flamenco” fiesta amigos, Kallidad, are bringing their high octane show to Canberra!

Freshly returned to Australia from a successful four month European tour, this "Day of the Dead" instrumental trio combines flamenco, rock, metal and blues into an intoxicating mix that has taken them all over the world. The group will be presenting their new album "The Odyssey”.

With their trademark “Day of the Dead” facepaint, Kallidad has a visual image every bit as striking as their one of a kind sound.

The line up is two Spanish guitars and a box drum- but don't let the lightweight set up fool you. Kallidad can rock a crowd from top to bottom, as displayed on their tours all around Australia, plus visits to Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and many others.

The group combines influences from flamenco and mariachi music with rock and metal to create a powerful, energetic and uplifting sound that gives the audience no choice but to dance!

An up-close experience with the masked mariachis! You can expect to hear firey flamenco guitar, metal shredding, tribal drumming and whole lot more!


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