When he first heard the famous album ‘A Friday Night in San Francisco’ by Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin, Jan Vanek believed that Al Di Meola was playing his supersonic scales with his fingers when his legendary speed was actually due to his highly developed and flexible pick technique. Seeking to imitate the famous American guitarist, and fed by the terrible fast scales of Paco de Lucia, Jan Vanek developed a quite unique technique. He managed to produce a sound with the fingers of the right hand that was close to the frank attack of the pick, reaching unparalleled tempi without a plectrum. By utilizing the precision of his right hand, the great flexibility of his left hand, and the complete relaxation of his body, Jan Vanek can alternate round sound and arpeggios typical of the classical guitar, sequences of complex chords from jazz, and fast scales close to the world of flamenco or gypsy guitar.

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