Canberra International Improv Festival is Australia’s original and largest gathering of improvisers from Australasia and around the globe. 7 days and nights to convene, connect, workshop, perform, party, fall in love. 4-10 December 2023. Full schedule here.

Musicians from Canberra, around Australia, and across the globe, meet for the first time in Smith’s cabaret room to improvise together. As they play, improvising actor/singers from every corner of the world rise from mingling audience to create a song on the spot or perhaps tell a story, a beat poem, or perform theatre to the sound-tracking of the band.

This is performers living right on the edge and right in the moment, and this is exactly what this collection of performers feels most comfortable doing……, but they’re very welcoming, if you want to dive off the deep end and become one of them….., or just watch and listen.

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