It’s a new take on old standards. At the core of Grizzlee Train is the wailing of vintage blues rock, but it’s drenched with a modern vigour which gives the band a sound that is all their own. Born and raised on a diet of Creedence and Zeppelin, it’s no secret that the dynamic two-piece draw from a time well before their own. But it’s the injection of pure live energy which sets them apart and grants them a place among the world’s modern bluesmen. 

Brandon Dodd and Josh Dufficy have taken their music from the beaches of Australia’s Central Coast to audiences all over the world. They are one of the nation’s most road-worn bands, with an arsenal of EP’s and international tours behind them. 

Though Grizzlee Train have never been ones to pigeon-hole their sound, the pair blends the sound of traditional blues with their own brand of roots/rock to create something truly distinctive.

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