A new band, but these three musicians are no strangers, having first made music together (in different formats) over twenty years ago. A dynamic triangle of intercommunication and built language, Jess and Lachlan played in their first pop band "Flying Gurnard" in their teens, Jess and Chris toured as part of Katook for many years and Lachlan and Chris have performed in a number of well known Canberra groups including Ben Marston's Big and Small band and Lachlan's own trio. Jess was part of the Sydney scene for a number of years, performing with The catholics, and Jim Conway as well as many others, but returned to Canberra in 2016, and this group will provide the nucleus for new work.

For this first outing, the band explores deconstruction, of standards, and Green's large ensemble compositions, works by Lachlan and will also road test new material. With a shared love of  jazz, indie pop, blues and African music, this is 21st century improvisation!

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Smith's Alternative
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