In April, Feminartsy is returning to the feminist slogan, 'The Personal is Political'. Our speakers will reflect on stories of how our individual circumstances and identities are rooted in the political culture we live in, and how no feminism occurs in a vaccum. 

Come along for some thought-provoking talks and some lovely music from the excellent Fossil Rabbit!


Jenni Gough hails from a background in gender studies, art and culinary adventures. She has spent many moons in the community sector in areas such as policy, research and health promotion. Along the road she encountered a speed bump which called her to slow down and rechart her journey. As she takes the jump to pursue her passion for food through her business A Forager's Heart, she holds community and equality close. And although she stepped away from the community sector, she draws on her personal journey and passions in her voluntary role as Vice President of  Arthritis ACT.

Born in 1987, Jessica Friedmann is a Canberra-based writer and editor. Her essays and other non-fiction have appeared widely, both in Australia and internationally. Things That Helped is her first published collection.

Closing the night will be music from Fossil Rabbit.

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