Tristan Tzara said 'everyone dances to his own personal boomboom', and there are few boombooms better than the one Faux Faux Amis are cooking up right now. Their artisanal take on garage-pop blends boy/girl vocals, brass, fuzz bass, tambourine - and a soupcon of cowbell - before fricasseeing them over songs about drinking, love, and feeling young. Sharp like cheddar, hot like habaneros, and always al dente, they will be flash-frying songs from their upcoming album 'Beg For Merci Beaucoup', as well as some choice off-menu numbers. Best paired with drunken dancing.

Okinawa Girls are a dish best served HOT. Their sound is a delicately spiced but rich ragout of julienne guitar licks and slow-cooked nonchalance, topped with Nathan Gubler's herbaceous vocals. Fresh from an acclaimed performance at the National Folk Festival, their delectable songs are steeped in equal parts heartbreak and desire, the creaminess of their melodies balanced only by the acrid bite of their hooks.

If music be the food of love, play on.


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