Den Hanrahan is a singer-songwriter whose songs tell the stories of modern Australia – from the red dust of the land, to the loves and losses of the people that have touched his life. Woven through this rich repertoire are the stories drawn from his own past, finely observed tales from his years living and working across the country.

After three years focusing on acoustic music with his acclaimed band, ‘The Rum Runners’, Den is returning to his original love of rocking out on electric guitar, playing songs from his soon to be released CD, ‘SCARS’. Den, with long time musical partner Matt Nightingale on Bass and south coast legend Jay McMahon on Drums, is exploring some new sounds with this band, The Roadsiders. Steeped in blues, roots, bluegrass and Australian country rock, pushing beyond genres and dipping generously into the melting pot that is Australian roots music, Den Hanrahan is a surprisingly fresh take on this sound.

Emily Rigz is a prolific songwriter, guitar shredder, max energy performer from The Blue Mountains. She has roped a bunch of highly skilled, crazy musicians into joining her band. They are now causing mayhem and inviting all to join the fun! Emily’s second album is on the way and the first single ‘Big Scary Mountain’ is out now!

Sick and tired of love songs, Emily’s tone is more that of a rat bag. While bordering on being totally offensive she somehow always manages to woo her audience with her feisty skills on the 12 string and songwriting super powers!

Emily has supported Richard Clapton and Tex Perkins to name a few.

With Neil Beaver on bass who played in Spy V Spy for 12 years and Brad Kimber who is the God of groove on drums, you can rest assured that you are in for something wild, wonderful…possibly even a little bit scary? Come and see!

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