OOOOOHHHHHH - Who wants to see hot queer stuff under the sea?? The time has come for our tribute to the show that kids & queers cannot stop loving & memeing, SpongeBob SquarePants!

We've got the beloved cast hotter & sillier than ever, with special acts crafted by a stellar cast of burly, drag, & pineapple themed perfomance artists. Extra special treats for a best dressed bikini bottom enthusiast (interpret that as you wish).

Moxie Delite - Drag Creature (MELB)
Empress Eyrie - Burlesque
AliBi - Pole
Chocolate é Claire - Burlesque
Zapp Backagain - Drag Clown
A surprise guest!
& Guy Alias - MC, & constantly dropping in the deck to flop like a fish.

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