Featuring an amazing mix of classic & unexpected theatre moments served with live music, comedy, razzle dazzle burlesque, indefinable performance art & as always, dramatic drag of all kinds.
Come out for your night of theatre dressed in your finest & win prizes from local artists!

Popular demand means TWO shows, 8pm & 10pm sessions. The first our makeup will be on point. The second we are LOOSE . Choose your poison

Featuring the talents of:
Viridian Mint - Burlesque
Dolli with an I - Songbird Queen
Zapp Backagain - King
Empress Eyrie - Burlesque
Sparklemuffin - Performance Art
Currie Brownshaw - Queen
Frida Nipple - Comedy Queen
Cockington Black - Comedy King
& Guy Alias - King & your overly dramatic MC

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Smith's Alternative
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