Dorothy-Jane “DJ” Gosper, (Canberra’s “Blues force of nature” – Rory McCartney, BMA Magazine) is recognised for her vocal and blues-harp prowess (“Her voice is mesmerising, it tells a story and her harmonica is hypnotic.” – Regi Su, Get Shot Magazine). 

Also a prolific songwriter, DJ will showcase 18 songs, mostly her own including brand spanking newbies plus a few surprise gems. Playing Blues and a departure into country and melodic indie mode, DJ will perform on her own and as a duo/trio with some of her musical mates: Moondog J - guitar, voice, blues-harp; Leila Gato - flute, voice; Jeff Prime - guitar; Reidar & Karla - voice, guitar, accordion.

Expect gorgeous harmonies and musical collaborations, the sharing of stories and secrets, as DJ prepares to record her latest album “The Witness".


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